Don’t Blink: Hunting Down Evidence of Flickergeists in Ellicott City, Maryland


Peeping Tom. The Blink Man. The Peeper. Ilchester the Molester.  These are just some of the names known to be associated with the Flickergeist in Ilchester Maryland.

Though seen in various areas throughout the world, none is more disturbing than the legend of “The Blink Man” of Ilchester.

The township is located just outside of antique haven, Ellicott City just south west of Baltimore,  Maryland.

Not the only legend of the area, but indeed one of the most intriguing to be sure.  The legends true origin is unknown but seems to have roots going back to the time of the great depression. However it is suspected that the legend dates back further, to the completion of the Ilchester train tunnel construction for the B&O Rail Road in 1903.

Local residents tell a strange tale of terror involving this particular Flickergeist.  The legend states that if a person stands at the far end of Ilchester tunnel at 11p.m. and is able to accomplish the incredible feat of staring for a solid hour until the stroke of midnight, Peeping Tom, The Blink Man will appear at the far end.   Not an easy act to realize, the story is accompanied by tales of those who were able to stare and see Peeping Tom.  Once the shadowy presence of Peeping Tom has been drawn out into view, the viewer can not stop seeing him. It is said that every time the viewer then blinks, Peeping Tom gets slightly closer. Eventually the apparition will be so close to the viewer, that it is said that they can feel his long eye lashes rubbing their face, in an attempt to force the viewer to blink one final time.

What happens once Peeping Tom has forced the viewer to blink a final time is the more vague, yet frightening part of the tale.  Legend states that those who were unfortunate enough to have drawn the flickergeist out and blink a final time are no longer among the living.  The stories contain a dreadful end with mysterious unexplained deaths as its result. There are also stories of victims trying to beat The Blink Man at his own game and blinding themselves. Though they still blink that final time and meet their end.  It is also said the that rubbing of the eye lashes the faces had driven some to madness.

There are of course several variations of the tale, but all with the same basic tenets. Which ever story you subscribe to, the end result of the stories protagonist is always that they are that the mercy of the flickergiests.



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